Because our research spans a wide range of topics related to electrified transportation, our graduate students are able to work in a variety of areas, and have the ability to self-direct their research topics within the area of electrified vehicles.

Current Students:

  1. Zahra Sadeghi, Ph.D. program, “Power Electric Architectures of Solar-charged Electric Vehicles”.
  2. Hanbo Liu, M.A.Sc. program, “High Power, High Step-Up DC/DC Converters for Fuel Cell Range Extended Vehicles”.
  3. Gunnar Schulz, M.A.Sc. program, “Optimal Control for 3-Phase DAB Converters”
  4. Manjula Manivanan, Ph.D. program, “Novel Power Electronic Architectures for Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations”
  5. Sukanya Dutta, Ph.D. program, “On-board Chargers for 800V Electric Vehicles”
  6. Cun Wang, Ph.D. program, “Fault-tolerant 3-phase DAB Converters for Electric Vehicles”
  7. Pengfei (Henry) Zheng, Ph.D. program, “Bidirectional Chargers for Solar-charged Electric Vehicles”
  8. Danial Sadeghpour, Ph.D. program, “Power Electronic Converters for Solar-charged Electric Vehicles”


  1. Christine Dong, M.A.Sc., “Maximizing Driving Range of Fuel Cell Range-extended Vehicles for a Fixed Cost”, 2022.
  2. Ata Meshginqalam, Ph.D., “Optimal Speed Planning of Electric and Fuel Cell Autonomous Vehicles”, 2022.
  3. Ahsanul Hoque Rafi, Ph.D., “Electric Architectures for High-efficiency Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations with Energy Storage”, 2022.
  4. Nishant Kashyap, Ph.D., “Addressing GaN Converter Challenges: False Turn-On Issues & Switching Loss Modelling”, 2022.
  5. Hosnee Mobarak, Ph.D., “Mitigation of Electric Vehicle Charging Effects on the Distribution Grids Through Smart-Charging and On-board Solar Charging”, 2021.
  6. Alice Dong, M.A.Sc., “GaN-based Non-isolated On-board Charger with Voltage Ripple Cancellation”, 2020.
  7. Christina Riczu, M.A.Sc., “Modeling and Implementation of a Hardware Efficient Low-Voltage-To-Cell Battery Balancing Circuit for Electric Vehicle Range Extension”, 2020.
  8. Nickolas Leahey, M.A.Sc., “Dimensioning of Integrated Starter-Generator Mild Hybrid System Using Real World Drive Cycles”, 2018.