Because our research spans a wide range of topics related to electrified transportation, our graduate students are able to work in a variety of areas, and have the ability to self-direct their research topics within the area of electrified vehicles.

Current Students:

Name Degree Research Topic
Hosnee Mobarak Ph.D. EV smart-charging in urban settings, boost converters
Nishant Kashyap Ph.D. GaN modeling
Ata Meshginqalam Ph.D. Optimal speed trajectories of autonomous vehicles
Ahsanul Hoque Rafi Ph.D. Resonant DC/DC converters for EV fast charging
Danial Sadeghpour Ph.D. Boost converters for electric vehicles
Christina Riczu M.A.Sc. Battery cell balancing
Alice Dong M.A.Sc. GaN-based EV on-board chargers


Name Degree Research Topic
Nickolas Leahey M.A.Sc. “Dimensioning of Integrated Starter-Generator Mild Hybrid System Using Real World Drive Cycles”