RRSF3612Jennifer Bauman (P.Eng.) received the B.Sc. (2004) and Ph.D. (2008) degrees from the University of Waterloo. During graduate studies, she was the electrical lead for the University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team. In this role, she designed, built, and tested a 65kW boost converter for use in a fuel cell hybrid vehicle. Dr. Bauman then spent 8 years in industry as the Director of Research at a startup company called CrossChasm Technologies. In this position, she gained a wealth of industry and entrepreneurial experience, and led the modeling team on a wide variety of automotive projects, some with major automotive OEMs. Project examples include: an automated vehicle model creation system, hybrid vehicle reverse-engineering, hybrid vehicle modeling, connected car applications with targeted use in future production vehicles, a rail energy modeling system, aerodynamic fuel consumption savings analysis on heavy duty trucks, and hybrid and electric bus modeling and analysis. She also led two EV smart-charging projects, coordinating with partners at major utilities across Canada.

Dr. Bauman joined McMaster University in September 2016 as an Assistant Professor. Her research focuses on power electronic converters for electrified powertrains (with a focus on wide-bandgap devices), vehicle design, modeling, and control, and EV interactions with the smart grid. Dr. Bauman has extensive experience in vehicle architecture design and optimization, as well as analysis, simulation, and problem-solving with respect to the real-world issues faced by the next generation of advanced vehicles. She teaches undergraduate courses in digital logic and power electronics, and has recently developed a new graduate course on the modeling, control, and design of electrified vehicles.

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